This was the year that the King Richard's Faire opened on the Kenosha site.


The Society for Creative Anachronism-fight ringEdit

(these fights were full contact)

FIGHTERS Dean Calin (Robin Baligan) Eric Forsberg (Erik the Dark) (Halfdan Greenleaf Sigurdsson) Wesley A. Noel (Thorbjorn the Greysides) Cliff Ocheltree (Baron Oznob) Bill Olson( Bjorn Rigmorrson) Frank Alviani (Baron Franz Von Blinchten-Lichten) Edward Tonry (Rory O'Tomrair) Ian "Scotty" Covey (Iaon) Russ Dennison (Denys de Caergwen)

SCA ENCAMPMENT Maria Kumph (Maria the Mad) Andrea Dubnick (Sonja of Prague) Winifred Halsey (Winifred Yseulte of Hall's Isle) Scott Kirkland (Tjukka the Guardian)

Dante's InfernoEdit

Michael Dvorak (ensemble), (chorus)


Dick Shapiro (King Richard) Bonnie Shapiro (The Queen)


William Pint


The Arlin & Sumara Dancers

Cast Arlin Robins (Director) Susin McIntire (Director) Tom Delaney Elaine Ferris Sara Goodman Howard Levy Sue Levey Jeff Millian


John Mills


An unusual event that occurred at this [1976] faire was a slave market, where volunteer participants were sold for the day to patron bidders to lug their packages and do their every bidding. I remember one fellow who was a very happy slave.