In 1988...

The season ran from April to August.

This was the year that the Bristol Renaissance Faire opened, after being known as the King Richard's Faire since 1976.

This was the hottest summer in 100 years, with over 70 days reaching a high in excess of 100 degrees.

There were seventeen new crafts people.

Two entrances were created, both front and back to the Faire (with box-offices).

There were beautiful banners heralding the Faire, along Michigan Avenue from the River to Nieman Marcus in Chicago.

The entrance to the Faire was adorned with eighteen rampant lions. All (save one) were stolen.

The Faire took a fetid swamp and filled it with wild lilies, built a bridge and created the Trolls Pond. Ron Scot Fry played the lovesick, erudite [Troll].

There was a Plague Shoppe.

Danny Lord fell through the flooring of the [Kings Stage] during a show. People watched in awe as he somehow, without speaking a word (as he was insisted to do in his performances) wrote the mishap into his act.

The Flying Wallendas were hired to perform high in the air over the Joust Field.

Was the first year for the following long running characters: Lord Mayor Richard Bailey, Belinda Bailey, the Sturdy Beggars Mud Show, Rolo Polo, Danny Lord, Lady Ettie.

It was the first year for long-time Stage Manager Sandy Wood.

Source: 1997 BRF Program.