In 2005...

The Faire ran from July 9 to September 5, 2005.

Scenario: "Thou Puttest A Spell On Me"

Thanks to John Loftus, Kids Kingdom underwent a major overhaul. The large swing in front of KK was removed, the garden and sandbox areas were changed, and handrails were added to the Good Ship Roland Brown.

Lady Ettie's Me Place was moved from High Street down the road to Shoplatch Lane.

The Lord Mayor's Forum stage was changed into a picnic area.

The end-of-the-day Musicians' Revel is replaced with "A Bristol Faire-Well".

Crimson Blades Fencing Academy settled in Trader's Wharf.

New gardens and seating near the Midsummer Stage

Knight's School hosted by the Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre

The first year for Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle and Mistress of Misrule Magnolia May.

Society for Creative Anachronism Day established on August 27

New seating at the Mud Show Stage

New seating at the Pig n' Whistle Tavern

St. Michael's Military Encampment moves across the shire next to Noble's Glade

Varbogen Archery School settles in Trader's Wharf

On July 23, 2005, the Faire closed early for the first time ever in its history due to a tornado warning. The Faire began getting cleared out a little after 4:30pm following a tornado siren a half-hour earlier and weather reports indicating continuous severe weather.

T. Stacy Hicks resigns as Guildemaster of the Guilde of St. George. Frank Skony replaces him.

Sir Robert Dudley, Stacy's character and her Majesty's favorite, is given a farewell ceremony on July 30. Sir Walter Raleigh becomes her Majesty's new favorite.