The Acadiana Medieval Faire is a medieval faire located in Arnaudville, Louisiana. It is open March 29-30, 2008 for the general public, and March 31 and April 1 for school and home school groups.

The faire is a recreation of a medieval town faire similar to those found during the late medieval period of continental Europe. Historically these faires were seasonal and most population centers had at least two a year. People travelled miles to attend them, and some faires were known for particular goods. Tolls were paid to the local landowner on whose property the faire took place. This could be the town council, the church, or the lord of the manor. Buying and selling took place in the morning, while the afternoon was free to enjoy watching traveling entertainment or participating in contests. The higher ranks of society attended faires for entertainment or business, the middle class for household shopping, farmers and traders for buying and selling, and the poor for a holiday. When you travel to the Acadiana Medieval faire circa 1400AD, you will find the villagers celebrating the spring market faire.

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