The Battle for the Midsummer Pageant was the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 1996.


From the 1996 Program:

Bristol's hero Benedick Dogberry joins Mayor Richard Bailey, his wife Belinda, and the Seadogs to present a Midsummer Pageant for the Queen. Sir Edmund Tilney, Her Majesty's Master of the Revel, is actually in attendance to decide whether or not the Pageant is suitable for our monarch. Hilarious chaos ensues as the rustic folke try their hand at romantic poetry and drama, complete with flying Seadogs, enormous asses' heads, and mayhem galore.

As if that weren't enough, Sir Edward Coke, Her Majesty's Council, and Cecil Snavely, Village Councilman, have gathered a Guard to close down the Midsummer Festival - especially the Pageant. Where there are Guards and Seadogs, there is bound to be fighting, and the fighting there is as the Guard walks into the middle of the Pageant.

Will the Guardes close the Pageant? Will the Seadogs ever master iambic pentameter? Will Benedick Dogberry once again save the goode folke of Bristol? Will Mayor Bailey dance the Dance of the Faerie King? Only the raucous swordplay, comic adventure, and outrageous action of "The Battle for the Midsummer Pageant" will tell.

Written and directed by Ron Scot Fry. Fight Director and Choreographer Gary Boeck. Weaponry by Marc Lupescu.