Big Jake Humphries (Dean Calin) was a Seadog from 1995 to 1999. He was the Cox'n (according to the trading card) and the muscle of the group. Big Jake and Jack Bottoms were always the pair to wind up the crowd in the pre-show to the 4:30 scene. He had a long-standing love for Molly Darling and they wed in an end-of-season ceremony in 1996. When the characters returned in 1997 the actors decided that, as a plot device, the marriage didn't work. (The back story that Dean Calin created was that Sir Edward Coke determined that Captain Cutter, who performed the ceremony, had no authority to marry a couple if they weren't at sea, rending the marriage null and void. Upon discovering this Jake and Molly feigned outrage, but were each glad as they weren't either suited to marriage.)