Bounding Main is a musical act that performed sea shanties and nautical ballads at the Bristol Renaissance Faire since 2003.

History (from the Official Site)

At the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 1999 a portion of the fight cast, the Seadogs, were given a thirty-minute music set. That year four out of five of the heroes from the show were trained singers, including Beth Greene, Ray Proctor, Gregory M. Larson and Dean Calin. The reception was very good, both audience and fellow performers praising the sound. After several years of "thinking about it" Dean finally put a group together for the Cotswold Renaissance Faire in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in the fall of 2002.

The members of that group included Stephanie Lewin, Robyn Nadolny, David Yondorf, Sandy Memmel and Dean Calin. Once on site, they added Jon Krivitzky, an accomplished vocalist with a long history of performing, composing and directing with the Bristol Renaissance Faire, Mosaic Whispers and other groups. Also joining them at Cotswold were the twins, Gina Dalby and Christie Dalby, who have been seen flying birds of prey at BRF, performing at Fright Fest, and in other productions. Never having rehearsed together before, the crew received lyric sheets and sample CDs from Dean a few weeks before the show went up. Performing together cold, they were very well received.

At Cotswold, Dean met Maggie Hannington who expressed a desire to return to singing. She had previously performed at Bristol with the madrigal singers there, in the company of Jon Krivitzky. Stephanie Lewin went on to performing with Byrd and Bede, the Consorte of Somesorte, and the Consorte Bella Donna. Sandy Memmel went on to study pharmacology and returned to the Consorte Bella Donna. Robyn Nadolny returned to school and the Consorte as well.

The group's name was changed from Big Jake's Corner to Bounding Main, which officially came together on January 19, 2003. They have gone on to appear at nautical venues and events in the Milwaukee-Chicago area and in several European countries. Highly popular and in demand for their expressive show and musical style, their performances remain in strong demand.

Maggie Hannington retired from the group in 2010.

Regular Members
Dean Calin
Christie Dalby
Gina Dalby
Jon Krivitzky
David Yondorf

Former Members
Maggie Hannington

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2004 Bounding Main Photos (Frank Hui)