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Since opening in 1988 Bristol Renaissance Faire has maintained a long tradition of including on its cast a troupe of stage combatants who provide guests the thrill and excitement of live swordplay on the streets and stage. These fights are part of their own story line that generally revolve around the Queen's much anticipated visit to Bristol. Originally those who are involved in choreographed stage and street fights were simply referred to as ‘Fight Cast’ but have since 2009 taken on the group name By the Sword.‘

Cast List Edit

For the full cast list starting in 1992 please visit the Cast List page

"Fight Cast" ScenariosEdit

From 1988 – 1993 “Fight Cast” ran a series Scenarios involving Shariff’s men vs. Shakespeare characters; The Baron’s Cadre vs. The Baudy Politic; and other random stories

"Fight Cast" Bristol's Seadogs ScenarioEdit

Beginning in 1994 “Fight Cast” began an ongoing scenario involving the Bristol Harbour Seadogs as the resident “Goode Folke.” These Seadogs where pitted against various “Badde Folke” including: Scrivener’s Guards (‘94); Guards of the Inquest (‘95); Guards (‘96); and finally settling on The Household of Sir Edward Coke (1997-2002)

2001 FC

2001 Fight Cast

2002 FC

2002 Fight Cast

"Fight Cast" Robin Hood ScenarioEdit

2003 FC

2003 Fight Cast

In 2003 “Fight Cast” began an ongoing scenario involving Robin Hood and his gang of friends as the “Goode Folke” who had to help the town a Bristol against the “Badde Folke” The Sheriff and his minions.

2004 FC

2004 Fight Cast

2005 FC

2005 Fight Cast

2006 FC

2006 Fight Cast

2007 Fight Cast

2007 Fight Cast

"By the Sword" Robin Hood ScenarioEdit

Starting in 2009 Gregory M. Larson took over as Director and renamed the “Fight Cast” to its current official name “By the Sword.” They continued the scenario involving Robin Hood and his gang of friends as the “Goode Folke” who had to help the town a Bristol against the “Badde Folke” The Sheriff and his minions but also added in a few pirate crews; The Crew of the Trinity Gilbert (’10-’11), The Crew of the Raptor (’11), and also The Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas Lord Edmund and his gang of ne'er-do-wells (’12).

2012 BG

2012 BtS Bad Guys

2012 GG

2012 Bts Good Guys

2013 BTS

2013 By the Sword in action

"By the Sword" Bristol's Seadogs ScenarioEdit

The summer of 2013 saw the return of the 'Bristol Harbour Seadogs' as Bristol “Goode Folke. The “Badde Folke” where set as Master of the hunt Sir Robert Tyrwhitt and his “Wolf Pack” (’13), and a group of Seadog Mutineers styling themselves as The Corsairs (’14), and Sir Edmund and The Asheworth Cadre (’15)

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2014 By the Sword

2015 BTS

2015 By the Sword

2016 By The Sword

2016 By the Sword

"By the Sword" Grace O'Malley Scenario Edit

In 2016 and 2017 the “Goode Folke” of Bristol where Captain Grace O'Malley and her Crew who faced off against a new group of “Badde Folke” led by her old enemy Sir Richard Bingham and his Household

"By the Sword" Hometown Heroes Scenario Edit

As of 2018 the “Goode Folke” of Bristol are comprised of an unlike group of heroes from the town of Bristol itself. They band together to fight the oppression of the newest group of “Badde Folke”, Sir William Morgan (the new Sheriff of Bristol) and his Guards.

Awards Edit

The Fight Cast of Bristol always strives to provide the best in combat entertainment and has been acknowledged for its success in doing so on several occasions by fans of Renaissance Festivals nationwide by being voted for in the annual Renaissance Festival Awards hosted by Renaissance Festival Podcast.
Congratulations to all the group members who played an important part in gaining the acknowledgement of fans for their hard work and dedication to making the troupe what it is today.
Thank you to all of the fans of Bristol’s Fight Cast - ‘By the Sword” who voted for us! With your support we hope to continue providing you with entertainment worthy of your acknowledgment.

5th place - 2007 Best Stage Combat Group in the 4th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2008.
4th place - 2008 Best Stage Combat Group in the 5th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2009.
3rd place - 2012 Best Stage Combat Group (on stage or in the street) in the 8th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2013.
3rd place - 2013 Best Stage Combat Troupe (on stage or in the street) in the 9th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2014.
2nd place - 2014 Best Stage Combat Group (on stage or in the street) in the 10th annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2015.