The Curse of the Phantom Plunder was the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2001.

From the 2001 program: Captain Nick Cutter and the Bristol Seadogs are possessed of the Phantom Plunder, booty from a mysterious Ghost Ship off the coast of Cadiz.

Legend has it that those who open the Phantom Plunder will find riches beyond their wildest dreams; but also will they be haunted by the souls of every man who lost his life on board the Ghost Ship. The Seadogs would destroy the mysterious booty, saving Bristol and the Queen from its curse.

But Nay! sayeth Sir Edward Coke, Attourney General to the Crown. Coke claims the Phantom Plunder is property of the Crown and as her representative, Coke is due his share of the swag.

What horrid haunting befalls those who peer into the chest of the Phantom Plunder? Will Coke and his henchmen expose its horrors to the Queen and all of Bristol? Will Nick and the Seadogs blow the chest to kingdom come? Will Bardolph Simple ever learn why "Phantom" and "Plunder" both start with the same letter, but not the same sound? Follow the hilarious action in the streets and at 4:30 at the Cheshire Chase Action Theatre to find out.

Written by Ron Scot Fry with David Schmidt, Randall T. Anderson, and Susan Henderson.
Directed by Ron Scot Fry.
Fight Direction by Gary Boeck.
Stage Management by David Hoshko.
Weapons and Specialty Props by Marc Lupescu.

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