Dean Calin first worked at King Richard's Faire in 1976 as a Foot Jouster in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He was a "Clumsy Brother" with Eric Forsberg." In 1977, he briefly returned with the SCA to KRF.

A few years were spent involved with Cavalier historical reenactment with a group called "Swashbucklers." Several members of that troupe auditioned for and were cast at KRF in the 1985 season including Doug Ray, Christie Ostrycznuik, Dee Ann LeCropane, Larry Paullin, Janet Willson and Dave Howard. He was also a member of the second genesis of "The Ring of Steel."

He next appeared as Placido, one of the singing guards in the 1985 scenario. He also wrote the Elf and Wizard Show script. He returned in 1986 and 1987 as Sargeant Rock. In 1988, when the newly formed [Renaissance Entertainment Corporation] took over and renamed it the Bristol Renaissance Faire, he was a guard to King Henry VIII.

After a hiatus of corporate and married life he returned in 1995 as Big Jake Humphries of the Bristol Harbour Seadogs. He continued this character until 1999 when international business from the "day job" took him away from theatrical performances.

In 2003, he co-founded Bounding Main with Jon Krivitzky, Gina Dalby, Christie Dalby, Maggie Hannington and David Yondorf. The group performed several weekends that year while Dean returned to fight cast as Rudesby Stones and David Yondorf doubled up as Salacious Ferret.

The group has made brief appearances at Bristol every year up to 2014. At the Bristol Renaissance Faire Dean has devoted himself exclusively to Bounding Main and has has left the ensemble/fight cast to younger performers.  He has directed and performed at Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America and the Port Washington Pirate Festival .

Dean manages the marketing and booking for Bounding Main while Jon Krivitzky acts as music director.

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