Death and Taxes (or The Lady's Not For Burning) was the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2002.

From the 2002 program: Captain Nick Cutter and the Bristol Seadogs have rescued twenty English sailors (and a handsome booty) from a Spanish Galley, and have to come to Bristol to present the treasure to Her Majesty the Queen. But the treasure has disappeared!

Sir Edward Coke, nefarious Attourney General to Her Majesty the Queen, takes decisive action. Blame must be laid! Cutter and the Seadogs must be punished! The merchants of Bristol must be taxed!

Meantimes, Sir Edmund Tilney, Master of the Revel, must teach Bristol's new Mayor Festivus Merrier and his wife Fortune proper public decorum, Festivus has to plan an assignation with the delightful and reasonably affordable Catastrophe Masthead, and Jane the Phoole must make merry about the whole thing.

Will Coke successfully extort his ill-gotten booty from the merchants of Bristol? Will Nick and the Seadogs steal the taxes back in time? Will Coke's heinous Guards set fire to the Seadogs' own Constance Masthead? Follow the hilarious action in the streets and at 4:30 at the Cheshire Chase Action Theatre to find out.

Written by Ron Scot Fry, with David Schmidt, Randall T. Anderson, Eric Frederickson, and Susan Scot Fry.
Directed by Ron Scot Fry.
Fight direction by Gary Boeck.
Fire stunt design and training by Matt Stratton and Linda Stratton.
Stage Managed by David Hoshko.
Weapons and specialty props by Marc Lupescu.
Music by Diane Leo and Scott Hornberger.