The Dirty Duck Inn, the home of the Guilde of St. Lawrence, is located near the center of the Bristol site just south of the Cheshire Chase Action Stage. It is bordered by Shoplatch Lane to the west and Shakespeare's Meadow to the east. It currently resides at the former home site of the disbanded Guild Thistlecroft. It has long been a crossroads and a meeting place for performers and patrons alike.

The Inn is primarily located in an open space between the seating area of the Chase Theater and the wall behind it, with a large roof providing shelter and seating to patrons and cast. The eastern edge of the Inn is marked by the Duck-only hearth area where soups are cooked over open fire and food is served from long tables that delineate the hearth from the rest of the space.

Historical Edit

The inn was formerly located in an old garage in the area that now hosts the RenQuest Vardo. In 1989, the Inn had a fence in front of it and was a kind of performance space. Ralph Scotese and Katie Scotese played the innkeeper and his wife. The Shakespearean Revelers hung out there a lot, and even performed a scene from The Merchant of Venice there once a day.

Later, the fence was removed, opening up the front yard considerably. The yard had always provided an excellent location for street fighting, and was been host to such memorable events as the Hanging of Robert of Locksley, a big group fight involving everyone in Bristol, and the popular melee.

In the mornings, the Inn was the location for the Court of Common Pleas for many years until the end of the 2002 season.

The Inn was the headquarters of the Guilde of St. George for several years, until they moved into their current location near the Joust. Later, it became home to the Revelers' Guilde.

It is currently the home of the Guilde of St. Lawrence.