Eric Forsberg joined the King Richard's Faire in 1976 at the age of fifteen. He was hired as a foot jouster through the Society for Creative Anachronism(SCA) which ran KRF's fight ring. Eric's close friend and fellow foot jouster was Dean Calin who also joined in 1976. The fights were not staged, being full contact battles with rattan weapons.

After being beaten to a pulp in the fight ring, Eric took some time off and rejoined the Faire in 1981 as a guest director with Tales of Young King Arthur. Eric continued to guest direct stage shows and Street theater with Sindbad Rides the Sails in 1982, and The Fast Paced Comedy of the King, Some Clowns and a Couple of Bad Guys in 1983.

Eric was hired as a scenario performer and a staff writer in 1984. Eric was Director for Meeting of the Minds where he played Christopher Columbus, in 1985 for The Great Treasure Hunt where he played the Caliphite of Hassidim and in 1986 for the detective troop in Murder She Quothe where he played Nostradamus.

Eric took 1987 off to live in Paris and returned to the faire, now the Bristol Renaissance Faire, in order to teach improvisation in the newly created BAPA program. Eric taught but did not perform or direct from 1988 to 1992.

In 1993, Eric was hired by Ron Scot Fry to create a Puritan character for the scenario cast. Eric joined forces with fellow Ren Faire vet Maurice McNicholas. Together they created two comic Puritans with Eric as Silas Brimfire and Maurice as Ebenezer Hellstone. Eric continued to teach improvisation and perform as a Puritan from 1993 to 1997. In addition, Eric directed the Street troupe and the Company of Fooles in 1997.

After the 1997 Bristol Renaissance Faire, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a film maker. He wrote and directed nearly a dozen feature films in the twelve years since, including the hit movie "Mega Piranha" on Syfy.

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