Gregory M. Larson (aka Greg Larson) has been a performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire since 1993.


Hubert Hawkins (1993)Edit

For his first three years, he was a member of the Guilde of St. George. In 1993, he played Hubert Hawkins, Head Steward to the House Northumberland.

Edward Somerset (1994)Edit

In 1994, he was Edward Somerset, the 4th Lord Herbert.

Captain Sir Martin Frobisher (1995)Edit

In 1995, he was Captain Sir Martin Frobisher. It was at this time that Greg invented "Frobishing" that year, which is an amalgam of skipping, swinging arms, and nodding one's head.

It should be noted that Sir Edward Coke claimed to be from the same fraternity as Sir Martin Frobisher but his "Frobish" technique was entirely lacking (head lolling from side-to-side, hands describing a figure-8) so the veracity of that claim is entirely in question.

Jack Bottoms (1996-2002)Edit

In 1996, he joined the Fight Cast. He played Master Jack Bottoms of the Seadogs for seven seasons until they disbanded after 2002.

Robin Hood (2003-2012)Edit

In 2003, Greg started as Robin Hood in the main scenario with the Fight Cast and remained in that part for ten seasons until that story line ended.