The Guilde of St. Lawrence cooks an affordable meal for the cast and crew of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Their central location is the Dirty Duck Inn.

St. Lawrence is the patron saint of Cooks and Comedians. Both find a home in this Guilde, which focuses on historical cooking demonstrations over an open fire. The Guilde of St. Lawrence also entertains with dance, music and giant wooden spoon parades. Also known as "The Ducklings" the Guilde makes their home at the Dirty Duck Inn near the center of the Faire.

Daily RoutinesEdit

Each day, they make two types of soup: a vegetative and a meat. They also have hand-made pot pie type products, bread, pickles, eggs, and a variety of sweets. At breakfast they serve eggs, muffins, fruit, and coffee.

They have four people stationed each day to provide water to the participants in the parade.

They teach a modified form of English Country Dance daily at 10:30 AM and 3 PM, sing throughout the day and will often have period games on display and available to teach. Many members also practice and demonstrate historical crafts like embroidery, blackwork, yarn spinning, and cord making during the day. At the Closing Parade, they march just behind the military proudly carrying their spoons and doing drills with them.

2007 CastEdit

Guildmaster: Steven Schmitt

Assistant Guildmaster: Mike Nickerson

Steven Schmitt - Master Peter Cabot

Mike Nickerson - Charles Fletcher

Sean Bourke - Rafael Hollingshead

Melania Bundy - Elleanora Alberighi

Francie Flanagan - Mary Ellen Winthrop

Carl Johnson - Robert Williamson

Kerri-Ellen Kelly - Margrett Norwoode

Christine Lukawski - Helene Fletcher Morrison

Heather Rach - Emilieane Turner

Rebecca Schmitt - Agness Cabot

Elizabeth Willer - Isabel Archer

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