The Guilde of St. Michael, founded in 1995 by Brian Brecht and Tom Charney, is a military living-history group, operating primarily at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, . Their primary impression is that of an English "Trayn'd Bande" circa 1574, mustered at the city of Bristol.

The group, currently directed by Christopher Last, trains with a variety of weapons, but musters primarily as heavy infantry, issued pike, often with harquebussiers marching at the head of the block. England did not have a standing army at that time, and relied on the strength of the "'Trayn'd Bandes", who acted as a sort of National Guard. These trained bands were made up mostly of the middle-class, who gathered together once a month to train as a unit, and to socialize with other town-folk.

In addition to their de facto base of operations at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, the Guilde of St. Michael takes part in other events, including Stronghold Olde English Faire, Janesville Renaissance Faire, and Military History Fest, with individual members have also participated in Early Modern Muster of Arms, Settler Days, and other events.  Although they primarily represent a late-sixteenth century military unit, the Guilde of St. Michael occasionally portrays other groups and time periods, including late-seventeenth century colonial sailors, late-fourteenth century soldiers under Richard II, and a pre-Conquest Saxon warband.

Membership and primary personas, as of 2014Edit

Director Emeritus: Richard Kakouris

Director: Christopher Last

Assistant Director: Chris Budnick

Richard Kakouris - Captain Sir Thomas Chester

Christopher Last - Leftenant William Gage

Matthew Hansen - Sgt. Phillip "Pip" Cooper

Chris Budnick - Sgt.. Nathanial Harker

Edward Dawson - Ensign Edward Mountford

Cody Kakouris - Drummer Michael Smith

Mike Hesek - Cpl. Thomas Chase

Thomas Frank, Jr. - Master Plunckett

Matthew Pollock- Gaspard Knoell

Zak Galiboff - Jonathan Courier

Rick Papandrea - Richard Todd

John Papandrea - Lucas Todd

James "Jim" Burns - John Flint

Dan Rosen - Roger Fleming

Kyle Cook - William Chandler

Evan Cook - Evan Chandler

Ryan Cook - Ryan Chandler

Maryann Cook - Goodwife Mary Longford

Jehoshuah Knapp - Matthew Fletcher

Fred Henry - William Eaton Drinkmor

Jeff De La Rosa - Jeffrey Rose

Chris Daniels - Miles Monde

Michele Kakouris - Mistress Maggie Grimm

Heather Last - Goodwife Morgan Gage

Elizabeth Dawson - Mistress Merry Tangleskein

Katie Kowbel - Mistress Anne Sawyer

Michael Lamble - Michael Pride

Matthew Giniat - Nicholai Valentine

Alexis Cohen-Pena - Mistress Jane Spencer

Stacey Riegel - Goodwife Isabel Hacker

Amy Carreros - Cecily Sawyer

Andrew Collins - Andrew Babbington

Scott Borlick - Thomas Church

Ryan Meehan - Richard Moreno

Steven Yandell - Joffrey Yudoll

Jonathen Tuttle - Pikeman Charles Lamb

The Next generation:

Avery Kakouris - Young Master Avery Carey

Sean Last - Young Master Sean Gage

Norelle Last - Norelle Gage

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