Paige Penworthy in 2005

Jennifer Spridco (or Jenn Spridco) is an actor, director, puppet and costume designer, and seamstress working in the midwest with an emphasis in children's interactive theatre. She started performing at the Bristol Renaissance Faire at Kids Kingdom in 2001.

When she took over directing duties in Kids Kingdom in 2004, she presented patrons with varying fairy tale/nursery rhyme characters in an interactive setting, which continued in 2005.

She also took over the reigns of the Marionette human street puppet in 2005.

Performance HistoryEdit

Lilia Foxfeather (2001)Edit

She started her career at Bristol as Lilia Foxfeather.

Robin Ribon (2002-03)Edit

In the next couple of years, she played Robin Ribon. She was known as having the longest tail/tale in Bristol. In her second year, Robin was known for having a very high voice.

Paige Penworthy (2004-05)Edit

Starting in 2004, she began playing the storyteller character Paige Penworthy. She wrote all the stories of the fairy tale characters in Kids Kingdom.

Robin Goodfellow (2006)Edit

Autumn Fairy (2007)Edit

Background Outside Of FaireEdit

She graduated from Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wi in December of 2004 with degrees in BFA in Theatre Directing and BS in Theatre Education with a minor in English Education.

Credits include Viterbo University (WI), Tibbits Summer Theatre (MI), Climb Theatre (MN), Six Flags Great America (IL), CTM Family Theatre (WI), Madison Opera (WI).