Katryn Boots in 2005

Julie Daigle has been a performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire since 2003. She has been exclusively a member of Kids Kingdom.

In 2005, she became Assistant Director of KK.

Performance HistoryEdit

Grace the Less (2003)Edit

In her first year at Bristol, she played Grace the Less. Grace was a professional side-kick who was looking for a Hero to serve. She asked many people to be her Hero, but none accepted the position. She was also easily distracted by shiny things.

Katryn Boots (2004-05)Edit

For the next two years, she played Katryn Boots. She was based off the popular French folk-tale of Puss-in-Boots. Katryn spent her days creating Dukes out of the common rabble, taking cat-naps, and performing in the one-cat show "The Katryn Boots Show" each Faire day in Kids Kingdom.

For the final two weekends of 2005, she played Little Red Riding Hood, a part played the previous seven weeks by Jackie Hurwitz.

Background Outside Of FaireEdit

Julie studies folklore and storytelling, as well as writes her own stories.

As of January 2006, Julie is currently interning at Climb Theatre in St. Paul, MN with Jenn Spridco.