Formed officially in 1985, Molly and the Tinker was a husband and wife, Irish-inspired music and comedy act. The group formed at King Richard's Faire in Chicago in 1985, and continued performing until their eventual retirement at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2011. The group primarily comprised of Diane "Molly" Leo and Brian "Tinker" Leo. Molly and the Tinker underwent several name changes over the years, and can also be listed as "Denim and Lace", "The Tinker MacLea and Molly," and "Molly and the Tinker." Tourdion's Adam Valez also joined the group to form "Molly and the Tinkers" for a short time.

About Edit

"M&T" specializes in bawdy songs and pub songs, many of which were written by Brian Leo. They have released thirteen albums of their music. Additionally some of their originals have been recorded by other acts such as Pint & Dale, Minstrosity, The Shantyman, Leo Pola, Queen's Gambit, and The Queen of Tarts, and Brian's song "Grania" was featured in the scenario of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

Molly and the Tinker performed primarily at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. For many years, their comedy show played on the Midsummer Stage, and in later years, Molly and the Tinker moved to the Pig'n'Whistle for pub-based music.

The duo was based in Illinois, but has performed at faires in Wisconsin, Kansas City, St. Louis, Boston, Des Moines, Janesville WI, Holly MI, Council Bluffs IA, Oregon IL, and Virginia. Their music has been featured on the Midnight Special and many other radio stations.

Other Involvement Edit

Molly and the Tinker also hosted the Molly's Place House Concert Series which consisted of 100 shows and featured acts such as Seamus Kennedy, The Arrogant Worms, and many other folksinging acts.

Diane "Molly" Leo served as the Music Director for the Bristol Renaissance Faire for eight years.

Brian "Tinker" Leo also performed with the trio, Tippler's Way, which consisted of Jesse Linder and Gordon Lyons. Brian also performed with the trio, Trinket, which consisted of himself, Martha Jones, and Brian's daughter Amanda Leo. The Tinker Maclea also currently performs as a solo act at various renaissance faires across America.

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