Morning Meeting is the meeting with most of the entire cast at the beginning of each Faire day at 9am to discuss recent and coming events and inform cast about that weekend's new activities.

In KRF days it was held at the Minstrels Stage (which later became Kids Kingdom. Later, it was moved to the Kings Stage, which was later torn down and replaced with the Globe Stage. In [BRF]] days it was held at the Globe Stage, then the Lord Mayor's Forum. When the Forum was renovated into a seating area in 2005, it moved back to the Globe, again.

General things to expect at a normal morning meeting include general notes from Ron Scot Fry, announcements of events and a Poster Child award from Susan Scot Fry, site announcements from David Woolley, the day's menu from a representative of Dirty Duck Inn and a historical tidbit from Carol Black.

It ends with the ritual announcement of Official Faire Time.