Ron Scot Fry (aka Fry) is the Artistic Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire, but also fills several other roles such as teacher, designer, technician, Fight Cast director and performer.

He teaches BAPA classes such as movement, character development, street, commedia dell'arte, and demonstrations.

He focuses the masses in large projects through morning meetings and various interactions throughout the rehearsal process.

He is a prop and puppet designer creating such large projects as stiltwalking puppets, large horses and a decapitating dragon fondly referred by Kids Kingdom to as "Trogdor."

History at Bristol Ron started out as one of five "Theatrical Apprentices" in the 1979 season of the King Richard's Faire.

He was named Entertainment Director of the BRF in 1989.

He officially became Artistic Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire (and the Virginia Renaissance Faire) in 1996, and retired after the 2008 season.