Spytte-Tayke Ackshun Theatre (aka Spit-Take Action Theatre) was a unofficial show at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, usually performed at right after Opening Gate at the Town Square Public House in 2004, although it could be seen on the streets of Bristol at various times.

The main performers were Manuel Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez and Wolfgang von Bigbadde. In the show, Manuel and Wolfgang performed scenes from the works of William Shakespeare, but incorporated the use of the spit-take in each scene.


The RegularsEdit

Steve Mack as Manuel Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (regular)
Neil Arsenty as Wolfgang von Bigbadde] (regular)
Jennifer Boehmer as Rapunzel (regular)
Erin Schmeling as Aurora Briarrose (semi-regular)

Guest StarsEdit

Marcella Kearns as Captain Lucy Cannon
Jeff McLane as William Shakespeare and Bolt Upright
Julie Laureano as Jezebel Harlotte
Jacqueline Hurwitz as Jill Butterfoot
William Schmidt as Flavius Fawnsquire
Paul Pfannenstiel as Old King Cole
David Franz as Prince Charming
Jon Krivitzky as Barnum Bailey
Jacob Pankow as Tom Thumb

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