The Fantastikals are the fantasy creatures that bring an element of wonder to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. They do not speak, communicating non-verbally through eye-contact and emotion in order to bring an authenticity and honesty to their interactions.

They were directed by Joseph G. Fernandez in 2004 and Ann-Elizabeth Shapera and Tom Charney in 2005.

Make-up design by Tom Charney. Costume design by T. Stacy Hicks.

Currently, the Fantastikals are directed by Elizabeth Kelly, a long time member of the group. As off 2011 the make-up design is by Fiona Masterton and the costume design by Alyssa Bolden.

History Edit

The troupe was created in 2004 in the wake of the new "Where Fantasy Rules!" slogan that the Faire picked up the previous year.

The success of the Duir Faery character performed by Brianna Sloane in 2003 also ignited the formation of the troupe, which is considered as a "spin-off" of the Street troupe.

2011 Cast ListEdit

Elizabeth Kelly (Director) - Cobweb

Gwen Kelly (Asst. Director) - Brownie

Ellen DeSitter Mustardseed

Tegan Elliot - Peaseblossom

Amanda Ellis - Gaia

Carlos Garcia - Oberon

Samantha Nolte - Phoenix

Matt Schaeflein - Caliban

Jon Verkler - Puck

Amber Wuttke - Ariel

2008 Cast ListEdit

Genesee Spridco - Fantasticaptain

Ginger Breo - Makeup Artist

Nicole Borge - Makeup Artist

Spydra - Beth Kelly

Autumn - Genesee Spridco

Dragon - Kaitlyn Chin

Hob - Kyle Boehm

The Keeper - Austin Wahle

Brownie - Faith Howard

Flower - Tegan Elliott

2007 Cast ListEdit

Tom Charney - Make-up Designer

Ginger Breo - Make-up Assistant

Jennifer Spridco - Fantasticaptain

Kyle Boehm

Dragon - Kaitlyn Chinn

Joe Fernandez

Spydra - Beth Kelly

Damien Swann