The Mistress, The Sword and The Sea was the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for the 2000 season.

From the 2000 program: Captain Nicholas Cutter and the Bristol Seadogs are returned to port, hold bursting with goodly booty. More wonderous than this, Nick has found love! Verily, his ship hath come in.

All is not well, how'er. Pretty Anne, she who hath the heart of goode Captain Cutter, is in very sooth Anne Paston, niece of Sir Edward Coke, Attourney General to Her Majesty the Queen and formidable foil to Nick and his salty Seadogs. To heap harm upon harm, Nick's cargo hath been found to be in violation of a legal monopoly, thus pirated, making the Seadogs outlaws and targets for the wrath of Coke.

Sir Edward cries havoc, letting slip his dogs of war. Can the Seadogs hold to? Will Sir Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leycester, Queen's favorite and holder of the monopoly, crush Captain Cutter? Will Nick ever have his Anne? Follow the hilarious action through the streets of Bristol and at 4:30 at the Cheshire Chase Action Theatre.

Indeed, Captain Cutter's ship hath come in. If only he can bail fast enough ...