The Slash of the Pen, the Stroke of the Sword was the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for 1999.

From the 1999 Program: William Shakespeare needs to learn about shipwrecks for his next play, and no one knows more about wrecking ships than Captain Nicholas Cutter. Together at the Rose and Crown for a few pints and some talk of the sea, Shakespeare helped Cutter write a letter to his missing love. This morning, however, the letter is missing.

The letter, we find, has fallen into the hands of Sir Edward Coke. Coke, Attourney General to the Queen, mis-reads it as a threat to the safety of Her Majesty. Using the letter as evidence, Coke and his henchmen are after Nick Cutter and the Seadogs on charges of High Treason.

At the same time Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester and master of the Queen's Horse plans to use the romance of the Faire to court Queen Elizabeth. He is opposed, however, by Count deFeria, ambassador to the Queen from King Phillip of Spain. Coke favors the Spaniards for the power it would bring England.

Can Cutter and the Seadogs escape Sir Edward Coke? Will Coke keep Leycester from courting his true love, the Queen? Will Shakespeare's romantic poetry drive the women of Bristol to passionate distraction? Follow the action in the streets of Bristol, in the Nobles Glade and at the Cheshire Chase Action Theatre at 4:30 p.m. to find out.

Written and directed by Ron Scot Fry.
Fight Direction by Gary Boeck.
Original Music by Diane Leo.
Weapons by Marc Lupescu.
Stage Managed by David Hoshko.