Thistle Croft entertains and educates audiences about Celtic arts and skills through hands on demonstrations ranging from wool preparation, spinning, bobbin lace, weaving, leather crafting, and wood working to herbology, storytelling, illumination, and music making. Every aspect of these demonstrations is thoroughly researched to reflect the life and skills of the Celtic people during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. They are located at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

2007 CastEdit

Guildemasters: Karl & Sue Mulac

Karl & Sue Mulac - John & Eleanor Mathew

Naomi Holthaus - Alysha

Sean Caldwell - Sean

Mallory Davidson - Mairghrerd Ferguson

Millie Pankow - Millie Brennan

Patrick Downs - Patrick

Vaughan MacDonald - Vaughan

Dawn MacDonald - Sorcha

Mike Fitak - Aodh O'Agh

Emily Nee - Emily

Lisa Beth Patzke - Elsbeth

Nilynn Stearman - Nessa Mathes

Cameron Stearman - Cameron Mathes

Nathan Stearman - Sean Mathes

Jared Stearman - Scott Mathes

Carrie Hanford - Colleen

Maggie Formoe - Maggie

Molly Malone - Molly

Joyce Kreuz - Fiona