Thou Puttest A Spell On Me (or Spin the Bottle or Marian and the Sheriff: A Love Story?) is the scenario at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for 2005.

From the 2005 Program: Maid Marian in Love With the Evil Lord High Sheriff?!

The love between Robin Hood and Maid Marian is as sure as death and taxes - so what could cause the lovely Marian to fall in love with Bristol's evil Sheriff? Has The Sheriff changed his ways? Dyed his hair? Grown a few inches taller? Or has Marian succumbed to the spell of a love potion, a concoction powerful enough to foil the strongest emotions and bend the strongest will?

The answer is that which causes the wildest mayhem, the wickedest fights, the deepest love, and the most outrageous behavior as Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlett take on the Lord High Sheriff and his evil henchmen to rescue Maid Marian.


Merry Men
Gregory M. Larson as Robin Hood
Heath Denikas as Little John
Meredith DePalma as Maid Marian
Andrew Roberts as Friar Tuck
Matt Pearsall as Will Scarlett

Badde Guys
Randall T. Anderson (Assistant Director) as the Simon Jarvis, the Lord High Sheriff of Bristol
Steve Deasy as Dexter Knive
Justin Jennings as Pernicious Sly
Jamie Luemen as Samantha Jarvis, the Sheriff's Niece
Peter Talbot as Edgar Blount
David Yondorf as Salacious Ferret

Front Gate Scene Written by Charles Sommers
Stage Scenes Written by Charles Sommers and Ron Scot Fry
Directed by Ron Scot Fry
Fight Director and Choreographer Gary Boeck
Stage Manager David Hoshko