The Thunderthrone is Bristol’s first portable privy, invented, built, and cared for by Odorferious Thunderbottom, Keeper of the Privies (poopsmith). Thunderthrone was created in response to Sir John Harrington’s invention of an in home privy that cleans itself, called a “water closet”.

Three “Thunderthrones” have been built. The first was built in 1995, but was replaced in 1996 by a two holler, in honor of the “Season of Love”, which was the theme of the faire that year. “T2" lasted only one season, as it proved to be too large to be practical. It was replaced in 1997 by “T3", a much larger and sturdier version of the original one holler. It sports collapsible arms, a collection barrel, and a large umbrella, intended to give the user a bit of protection from the elements.

As a man who enjoys getting into his work, Odorferious Thunderbottom spends a good part of the faire day sitting inside “T3", with his head sticking out of the hole, talking incessantly about nothing, or sticking his nose into everyone elses business, which is his job. Thunderthrone's mission is to go to people on the go, so they can go.