Tom Charney (aka MBTC (My Boyfriend Tom Charney)) has been a performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire since 1990, when he joined the Guilde of St. George.

Performance HistoryEdit

Sir Rafe Sadleir (1990-2003)Edit

From 1990 to 2003, he played Sir Rafe Sadleir with the Guilde of St. George (although he missed the 1997 season).

Fasso Latido (2004-present)Edit

Since 2004, he has played the charming Italian character Fasso Latido in the Street cast.

Did You Know?Edit

He created the brass plaque that sits in the Garden by the Guilde of St. George which dedicates the garden to Dean Schroeder the founder of that Guilde.

In 1995, he and Brian Brecht founded the Guilde of St. Michael.

He has worked in various positions at Bristol including: Performer, Director, Assistant Director, PR Assistant, Stage Manager and Makeup Designer.

In 2004, he and Ron Scot Fry designed the makeup for the Fantastickals troupe, and he learned to apply the airbrush makeup one week before opening of that year.

He is married to Ann-Elizabeth Shapera.

His oldest sister used to share a house with Richard Weber. When he came to the faire in 1989, Richard cajoled him into performing.

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